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The vineyards are located in prominent areas of the Peljesac peninsula, belonging to the Peljesac district and Dingač wine area. Vineyards on the southern slopes of Dingač cover an area of 20 ha. The vineyards in which Dingač is located belong to the fifth vineyard zone, characterized by the highest annual sum of temperature. The position from which Dingac came in 1961 is protected by the Geneva Convention.

Wines Dingač and Plavac Skaramuča are wines of an autochthonous grape variety called Plavac Mali. Dingač is grown in a special position in the Dingač vineyard area, where due to the composition of the soil, the slope of the terrain (30-70%) and the high number of sunshine hours, top-quality wine is obtained. The wine is technologically processed and after 2-4 years it gets marketed. The sun and the wine have always been linked, especially when it comes to the vineyards on the southern slopes of Pelješac, in which the glare of the sun reflected from the sea and the stone surface creates additional effects that give superb wines, special aromas and high quality.


The highest annual sum of temperatures, sun, sea and stone surfaces create special aromas


The vineyards cover an area of 20 ha in prominent positions on the Pelješac peninsula


The wine is technologically processed and after two to four years it gets marketed


Check out the story of our hard work and dedication that results in Dingač premium wines. The uniqueness of the nature of the Dingač area, with the power of spirit, love and work, has been transformed into the vineyards and wines of Skaramuča. Thank you for verifying this effort!