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Ordering and delivery


After selecting a product, you can click on its details, find out all about it, take a better look at it, and decide to buy it, just click on the “Add to Cart” link and it will be immediately found in your basket. You can choose quantities in the basket as well as cancel the purchase. Your basket is visible and accessible at all times and you can continue browsing our catalog freely. After the purchase is complete, return to the cart and select Buy. A notification of a successful purchase is sent to your email address.
Dingač – Skaramuča d.o.o. undertakes to deliver all the ordered products we have in stock at the time of purchase. If we are unable to deliver any of the ordered products, we will contact the buyer of the goods by phone or email regarding a replacement product or cancellation of the ordered product. All other products ordered will be shipped.


The buyer agrees to pay for the ordered products at Dingač – Skaramuča d.o.o. one of the following payment methods:
One-time credit cards from all banks (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa)
Up to 6 installments American Express credit card


Delivery is via DPD Croatia d.o.o. and is available throughout the territory of the Republic of Croatia and international traffic.
Delivery next business day (see the delivery schedule for islands and smaller places on
Delivery to European destinations within 1-5 days
Three attempts to deliver the package included in the price
Online package tracking:


delivery up to 10 kg (1 pack of wine containing 6 bottles = 8 kg) = 45,00 kn
delivery up to 20 kg (2 packages of wine = 16 kg) = 56,00 kn
delivery up to 25 kg (3 packages of wine = 24 kg) = 76,00 kn

The ordered goods will be stacked in such a way that the usual manipulation of the transport can not damage it. The buyer is obliged to check for any defects when picking up the ordered goods and to immediately report them to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, and to refuse to take over the delivered goods showing any external damage. Checking the correctness of the order depends on the customer, and subsequent complaints are not accepted.

All orders with 24h delivery received on the business day up to 12 hours will be dispatched the same day or the next day at the latest. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we do not ship the goods. The buyer will be informed about the change of the delivery time, with the item where the delivery time will be longer than foreseen. Please note that it also takes some time for delivery. For various reasons that are out of our control, this deadline can be extended (faults, accidents, road conditions…)