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Ivo Skaramuča

Ivo Skaramuča was one of the founders of the private vineyards and wine making in the region of Dalmacija and on Pelješac island. Skaramuča proved how with hard work, commitment and love you can build one of the most respectable and recognizable wine brands of Dalmatia. Unbelievable enthusiasm, supernatural power, a desire to create and work, and a belief in success adorned a man who made a small vineyard paradise out of the vast forest and stone, which leaves even the most enviable breathless.

Vina Skaramuča Dingač reserva

Red wines

In our red wine offer we have superior quality wines Dingač, Dingaš Reserva and Postup, as well as quality wines Plavac and Plavac Premium. Dingač Skaramuča is the winner of the bronze medal at the biggest US Wine Fair held in San Francisco, the award was won in competition with 4 500 wine samples from all around the world. Plavac Mali is the most important autochthonous grape variety in Croatia, and is considered to be the king of red wines that you should definitely try!

White wines and rose

In our white wine offer we have Pošip, harvested in 2018. Pošip is premium, dry white wine made from the grape variety of the same name, exclusively from the vineyards of Korcula. This white wine has brilliant, straw – golden yellow color, and a full and distinctive taste. Our quality 2018 Rose wine is very fresh, filled with opulent aromatic notes that are characteristic to the grape varieties Rose was made from.


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Check out the Dingač Skaramuča’s awards

Bronze medal


“Dingač Skaramuča” received a bronze medal for 2009 Dingac vintage wine at the largest U.S. wine fair “San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2013”.

Medal for Dingač and Plavac wines


Skaramuča wines have, for the first time, participated in the Krakow EnoExpo in 2014, and immediately won valuable medals for Dingač and Plavac wines.

The Creators of the Century


‘Dingač Skaramuča’ was awarded the very special award for ``Creators for the Century`` for contributing to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Golden medal


Dingač Skaramuča harvested in 2013 was the winner of the gold medal at the Dubrovnik Festwine 2016.

Silver medal


At the most acclaimed wine tasting in the world, International Wine Challenge 2018, London, Pošip Elegance 2016 wine won the silver medal.

Silver Medal


Dingač Elegance, harvested in 2013, won the silver medal at The Decanter World Wide Awards.

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