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Vineyards of family Skaramuča

Love, strength and perseverance, spirit and hard work have transformed the unique nature of Dingač position into vineyards and Skaramuča wine.

Thank you for putting this truth to the test.


The Skaramuča family vineyards are situated on prominent locations on Pelješac peninsula and are a part of Pelješka Župa and Dingač positions. On the Dingač southern slopes the vineyards spread on an area of around 20 ha. The Dingač vineyards belong to the fifth vineyard zone characterized by the highest sum of annual temperature.

The Dingač location was protected by the Geneva Convention in 1961. Dingač is grown in a special position in the Dingač area where the soil composition, slope (30-70%) and many hours of sun result in top quality wine. The wine is technologically processed and, following a period of 2 to 4 years, offered on the market.



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