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Family tale

Love, strength and perseverance, spirit and hard work have transformed the unique nature of Dingač position into vineyards and Skaramuča wine.

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About us

The tradition of winegrowing and winemaking in the Skaramuča family is just about as old as the family from Pelješac peninsula itself.

The highly renowned Croatian winemaker, Ivo Skaramuča is the owner and the founder of the Skaramuča brand wines. Although the winemaking history is as old as the family Skaramuča itself, the real success tale starts in 1992 when the Croatian legislation recognizes private grapes growing and winemaking which gives the Skaramuča brand a chance to position itself among the top Croatian wines.

Today Skaramuča is one of the biggest Croatian private entrepreneurs in winemaking and the owner of the largest vineyard in the Dingač sort area.


Mr. Skaramuča is a living proof that only hard work, dedication and affection towards wine allows one to achieve remarkable success, nurtured by himself, as well as by his family for years. Admirable enthusiasm, almost supernatural strength, yearning to create and work, as well as faith in success, are all characteristic of this exceptional man who has turned a vast woodland and stone area into a real vineyard paradise which leaves even the most envious among us breathless.

The beautiful Dingač slopes feature numerous plavac mali groves nurtured and developed by Mr. Skaramuča over the past two decades, now possessing 165 000 plavac mali vines. The whole project of creating this stunning vineyard oasis would not be possible without unconditional support of his family: wife Jasna and children Igor and Ivana who have been brought up in the spirit of love towards wine and respect towards dedicated work and creation. Today Mr. Ivo Skaramuča leads his team on the path of realizing excellent results, working side by side with his son Igor, responsible for production and logistics, and his son-in-law Branimir Anđelić, handling wine sales and export. His wife Jasna, daughter Ivana and daughter-in-law Fani serve as unquestionable support in the process of creating top quality wines, as well as in all the additional activities the family engages in.

Annual production:

high quality wine Dingač
high quality wine Dingač reserva
quality wine Plavac

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